We recently had a client get in contact with us regarding her insurance. She had her insurance renewal come through and were shocked at the cost and decided to cancel without discussing it with us first. 😲

Our client had contacted the insurance provider first and they couldn’t help with a cheaper cover.

We advised her that it’s not always best to speak to the insurance providers directly as they are not financial advisers and that we were the best people to talk to, as we can ensure that the insurance is tailored to meet her needs whilst making sure that she is adequately protected – and all for a reasonable premium.

She was happy for us to assist and we were able to renegotiate her insurance and significantly reduce the price, while still having quality insurance.

All in all – a successful outcome!

If you have any questions about your insurances, please contact us on (07) 3806 4484 or email us gday@hannans360.com.au. By doing so, we can always help point you in the right direction.