After 18 long months of battling the super funds, we have been successful in receiving approval for a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim for one of our wonderful clients.

This has well and truly been a labour of love, and Gina (our superstar), has fought incredibly hard to achieve this fantastic result for the client.

Our client was diagnosed a few years ago with multiple mental health issues. Unfortunately, due to the severity, it is unlikely that she will ever be able to work again.

This has made things very difficult for our client and meant that she has had to rely on financial support from her parents and other family members.

As an independent woman, this has been very difficult for her to come to terms with. Not to mention the financial strain on the family.

The TPD payout will enable her to fund the purchase of her own home and car, and enable our client to regain her own independence.

Many of us feel that we are indestructible. Because of this, we fail to plan for significant life events such as becoming totally, and permanently disabled.

This client is a young female, still many years away from retirement. Events like this could happen to anyone.

Our client paid less than $1,000 a year for her insurance policy and used her superannuation to pay for it. Money well spent in my opinion!

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You will be doing yourself, and your family a favour!