One of our clients received the best Christmas Present … $4,500/month loan repayment savings!!
Aaron has spent the last 5 months assisting our client with the refinance and consolidation of their debt.
Our clients fell into hard times when their client went bust and could not pay our clients over half a million dollars.
Our clients were so determined to pay back their suppliers, that they took on multiple credit cards, personal loans and other higher interest debt in order to avoid bankruptcy and payout their suppliers.
For the last few years, they have worked day and night to keep their head afloat and provide for their family.
Whilst doing their tax return, they told us of their story. Determined to help them, we approached a non-conforming lender who was willing to consider their application despite having over 10+ loans and credits cards that required consolidating and poor credit score.
It was a very lengthy and drawn out process, but we got there eventually.
This refinance has been absolutely life-changing for our clients. Hoping that they have the best Christmas they have had in years.