Whatever you call the goals you make, they have to be pretty specific. One of the best ways of goal-setting is setting SMART Goals. Make sure that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bounded. You will have a much bigger chance of completing SMART goals than those that are too simple and too broad or don’t have a date for it to be completed.

S – Specific

When setting goals, your goal must be well defined and pretty clear, to you and others as well. It must be precise, well detailed, and capable of answering all the questions instead of creating more.

M – Measurable

Make sure to include dates, exact numbers and amounts in your goal. You shouldn’t make your goal “Make more money”, you should make it a specific amount and by a certain time. “I will make “X” amount by “X” date” if you break the goals down step by step, each one should be measurable too.

A – Attainable

The goal has to be achievable. It should be able to be accomplished within a certain amount of time, money and the environment, also within your skills and abilities and other important factors.

R – Realistic

Your goals should be going in the direction as you are heading too. Do not waste your time with very unrealistic goals.

T – Time-Bounded

Make sure to set deadlines for your goals. The creation of completion dates gives you more motivation. Always set a date for your goals.


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