You have recently created a budget to track your expenses and found that your cash flow is so low that you’re almost negative. How do you increase your cash flow for your personal wants and financial goals? We will show you 3 easy ways to increase your cash flow.

Decrease your expenses

One of the most common ways to increase your cash flow is to decrease current expenses. This can be done through budgeting. A good way to find out how much you need to cut your expenses is to save a percentage of your income first before using it for your expenses. This can show how much you need to cut expenses to meet your wants.

Increase your Income

Increasing your income can be done through several different ways. This includes finding a second job, asking for a raise, selling old clothes and many more. A second job could be as simple as dog walking in the afternoon or babysitting for neighbours on weekends. Asking for a raise can be daunting but is another way to increase income. If you find that your work value is not met in your current salary then it could be time to discuss it with your supervisor. Another simple way to increase income is to sell old clothes or other things that you don’t use anymore. Not only does this give you some extra cash but also would help you clean out unnecessary stuff.


Investing some extra cash is a great way to create a passive income and increase cashflows. Investing is best if you have the savings for it. If you have no existing savings or very little, then this technique will not be best for you. Although, if you do not have savings to play with, then creating a passive income through investing can help you create that extra income to increase your cash flow.

When investing, it is best to consult with a financial advisor to understand what kind of investing can be best for you and how to reduce your risk. Hannans & Associates has several financial advisors that can give you great quality advice for your investments.

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