Back by popular demand!

Due to the success of our first workshop, we will be hosting another one!

We want to thank everyone who joined us this week. We received some fantastic feedback from one of our participants:

“…I’m already good with my budgeting, but thought that I would go to the workshop last night to get some tips on how to save some more. The workshop was such a surprise! I really learnt so much more than I was anticipating.

I received a lot of value from the workshop and can’t believe that you offer it for free.

The workshop was really well presented by Jacky and loved that the relaxed and comfortable environment where everyone was encouraged to share their experiences. Job well-done guys!!…”

The workshop is structured in an excellent way to encourage interaction and open discussion. This allows for everyone to learn from each other’s experiences.

If you missed out this week, don’t worry, as we have opened up another Personal Budgeting workshop. But just like last time, seats will be limited so get in quickly!


We will also be doing a First Home Buyers workshop this month, so look out for that one.