From January 2022 Hannans360° will be operating out of new offices in Cornubia.


When COVID-19 social distancing was first introduced, our team members moved out of the office and started working from their home offices (including me).
For our clients, we shifted the preparation of tax returns to an online platform and held most of our meetings via Zoom.

While the restrictions have been lifted, we’ve found that the team have really taken to the flexibility of working from home – having an appreciation for the improved work-life balance, the no commute time. And their productivity has increased!

Feedback from our clients has also been positive, with many saying that the Zoom meetings are more productive from their perspective too. They still get to see us (albeit online) and can still access our knowledge, experience and advice but without having to leave their work premises or, often, the comfort of their homes.

Over the last few months, it’s become increasingly obvious that the way we all work has changed forever – teams working online and from their own homes, no commuting, virtual phones, client meeting held online or at a client’s business premises, electronic signing of documents, webinars and online learning options.

With the exception of our individual tax return clients (mainly across the months of July and August) we usually only have one or two clients a week in the office now (and only one or two of our thirteen staff)!

So we’ve decided to not only adapt to these changing times, but embrace them.
To reduce the costs associated with leasing and operating a full business premises, from January 2022 we will be relinquishing our office at 6/3986 Pacific Highway, Loganholme, electing instead to use a freshly designed office space on our new property in Cornubia.

Clients will still be welcome to drop off their records and a meeting room will be available for face to face meetings.

Registered Office

If you have Hannans listed as your registered office with ASIC or on your ATO records, these will be updated accordingly. Should you prefer to have your own address listed, please let us know by return email. The necessary forms/authorities will be sent for your signature. Over the next few weeks we’ll also be arranging for return of any records held at the office.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We’re very excited to move into the new Hannans workspace and look forward to having you visit.

Please join us

We’ll be having farewell drinks and nibbles on our last day in the Loganholme office – Friday 17th December from 3 – 5 pm and would love to have you call by if you can make it. Hope to see you there.

New Hannans office location

7 – 9 Holm Place, Cornubia QLD 4130
T: 07 3806 4484 (unchanged)
Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3pm unless by appointment
An onsite locked mailbox is available for after hours drop off of records.

Jacquie Hannan