Life is all about perspective sometimes.

For instance, check out how excited Aaron is about having to change a flat tire on the side of the highway.

When the warning lights started flashing on the dash, a million thoughts went through my head.

“How much will the rental company charge us for this”
“Do we have everything we need to change the tire”
“Will we miss our flight back home to Australia”

Call it holiday happiness … but we instead decided to “Hakuna Matata” it.

Worrying wasn’t going to help us change the tire quicker. Or magically unpuncture the tire.

So with a smile on our faces, we promptly changed the tire. And after 15 minutes we were on our way again.

The punctured tire was covered by insurance.

And we had also left plenty of time for the flight, so we were good there too.

So when you are stuck in a moment where it feels like everything is going wrong … take a big breath and smile.

It will help you to rationally work through the issue at hand and you’ll be cruising on the highway again in no time.

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