We need help! Our business is growing at a fast rate and we need new systems and processes to support our growth. I have spent the last month investigating ready made online tools, but I am overwhelmed and there are just too many options!

I’m hoping that I can publish our wishlist and that some magical web developer fairy with all the answers will come to our rescue …..

The criteria for each wish list item includes:

  1. Cost effective to set up
  2. Minimal (or cost effective) ongoing costs
  3. Scaleable
  4. Awesome features
  5. Ideally link with our website
  6. Customizable

I’m hoping that you (or someone you know) is an online guru and can help us with some/all of our Wish List items:

  1. CRM – Our business is made of multiple departments (4 to be exact), and each of these departments runs off a different CRM system that is industry specific. What we would like to do is create a CRM system that is a central hub to manage the client information that will then link to each of these department specific CRM using API technology. We need to have user login ability, needs to be very secure, able to upload documents, and adjust security settings depending on user.
  2. Client portal / Online Learning Platform (FastTrack Program) – Our FastTrack Program is a Business Cashflow Program where we provide the participants with: resources (videos and documents), a tool kit, and set various task. We would like to utilise a hub that enables us to manage all these things in the one platform. This platform should be able to: Require client login, enable us to upload/download files, have the ability to include online forms/test/questionnaires, allow us to categorise files (For e.g. Categories by Learning Module and then break down into Resources and Activities). Within 6 months, we want to convert the FastTrack program to an online course to allow for non-locals to also tap into our business coaching genius. Ideally this platform would also allow for this.
  3. Client portal (Silver Bullet Budgeting) – We have an individual cashflow management program where we assist clients with setting a budget and then keeping them on track. Ideally this portal would allow for individual login with great security, ability to upload and download documents, book appointments, have task reminders, show contact details of Money Coach and Assistant Money Coach, Nothing too crazy compared to our other requests.
  4. Project Management Tool – With various departments and various projects (and tasks) within those projects – things are starting to get very “fun” over here at Hannans. We want to make sure that we are providing a seamless collaboration between departments to give our clients the best experience. I have been looking into Podio – but keen to get feedback on either Podio or other Project Management Tools out there.
  5. Online budgeting tool – Last but not least, this is more like a 12 month + project, but looking for some costings for budgeting purposes. We have developed a sophisticated budgeting tool that allows for households to: set up a budget, set and track their savings goals, set and track their debt reduction goals, set their ‘buckets’, and calculate how much should be in each ‘bucket’, and ongoing disbursements to each. Whilst we might be excel whizzes – we are not web/app developers. Very keen to be pointed in the right direction and provided with quotes  to build such a system and convert our Excel awesomeness into Online Awesomeness.

If you or someone you know can vaguely interpret my ramblings above, please get in contact with our team and let us know how you can help.

Thanks in advance for your Online Genuis and helping to turn our Hannans vision into a reality.

– Jacqueline Hannan, CEO

(A.K.A Girl on a mission to assist clients with financial literacy and wealth creation –  one tax return and spreadsheet at a time)