We wanted to pass on some exciting news!

This week, some lenders have announced a significant interest rate drop. Some are offering rates as low 3.59% with no establishment costs or ongoing fees!

If you are currently paying 4.5% in interest rates with a loan of $400,000, you could be saving $3,640/year.
That is enough of a savings to pay for a couple to travel to Bali for an 8-night stay – with spending money!! (according to Mr Google).

Make 2018 the year of savings and speak to either Aaron Hannan or myself (Jacqueline Hannan) from the home loan team (dare I say, home loan experts).

Don’t forget, our services are FREE as the banks pay us a commission for assisting with the loan (at no extra cost to you).

Email us at finance-team@hannansfinance.com.au.

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