Sometimes working with your spouse can be the greatest thing ever or the worst thing in the world. The way you handle working with your partner can be what makes your marriage stronger or on track to divorce….ouch!!

Here’s how to successfully work with your spouse…

1. Separate home from work

Your home and work relationships are two different species. They’ll have different attitudes. You will need to learn how to switch from one brain to the other so that nothing carries over from home to work and vice versa. If you’re annoyed at your partner for not doing something at home, like not picking up clothes or doing the dishes, that should not be brought over and effect anything at work. Mixing the two is a recipe for disaster.

2. Be considerate

While at work, it’s important to treat your spouse as a colleague first and foremost and respect their authority in the workplace – even if it is the dining table at home.

3. Enjoy couple time

Just because you spend all day together doesn’t have to mean you go your separate ways as soon as 5 o’clock hits. Spending time together at the end of a big day can help bring your focus back to your relationship. Read a book together. Watch a movie.

Ultimately, your relationship should come first. If working together is causing issues, you might need to consider making a change.

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