2017 was a terrible year for one of our clients. Thanks to the hard work of the home loan team, we were able to make a big difference and save them from losing their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to go watch their son compete in the College National Finals Rodeo in Wyoming. Their son was unfortunately thrown off a bull, which then stepped on his chest, breaking his ribs and collapsing his lungs.

Just three weeks later, he made a miraculous recovery and was discharged from the hospital.

Then returning back to Australia, Mr. Smith had a heart attack.

As if their year could get any worse.

Throughout that time, we were assisting them with their budgeting and debt management.

We also managed their business accounts and were able to make arrangements to manage any tax obligations.

When speaking to Mrs. Smith on the 3rd of January, she said: “We would not have made it through if it wasn’t for the help with the home loan, debt consolidation and other advice.”

At one point, we even had to arrange for a solicitor to travel to Sydney to register the power of attorney so that Mr. Smith could sign for Mrs. Smith, who had already returned to the U.S.

Knowing how much of a positive difference we can make to peoples lives is such an awesome feeling.