Do something each day that scares you …

For me, one of my biggest fears is singing on stage. It annoyed me that I got so nervous …. because I LOVE singing! I was so annoyed that I was holding myself back from being the best I could be … all because of fear!

So what did I do?


1) I put it on my “Before I’m 30” bucket list. That meant that I made a commitment and this kept me accountable. It also meant that I set myself a deadline.

2) I involved all my friends and family. Their encouragement, AKA “peer pressure”, forced me to keep my commitment.

3) I used my connections. One of our good friends was in an awesome cover band. So I reached out and asked if I could sing a couple of songs on stage with them.

4) I told myself that the emotion I was feeling wasn’t fear or anxiety. The racing heart was in fact excitement. (Also consider liquid courage 🍸… good back up plan if self-motivation doesn’t work 🤣😂)

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