At 21, I became a mum. By 29, I was a mum of 3.

During this time I established 3 x successful companies, completed a Business Degree, my CPA, 2 x Diplomas, and half a dozen other certificate courses. For just over a decade, I worked my butt off!! And I did all this because, coming from a poor family, I never wanted my children to know what it was like to go without. More than that, I also wanted to help other good hard working people achieve their own financial goals.

I never let being a parent stop me from achieving. If anything, I achieved more knowing it wasn’t just me I had to care for.

I’ve never made excuses. And I always try to turn every moment into an opportunity. Even the really crappy moments.

You can make anything happen – you just need to have the courage to believe, and the passion and drive to achieve 💫

#AddColourToYourLife #LiveYourBestLife #NoExcuses #YouCanDoIt

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