As a working mum of 3, I know how it takes superhuman capabilities to organise the herd in the morning and afternoon. A simple task, such as putting on socks, becomes a 15-minute challenge. So I wanted to take this as an opportunity to share some of my tips on “How to implement a successful school routine”.

1. Get organised.

We have a family of 6, so washing the clothes is something I now do daily.

And thanks to Marie Kondo, my kids’ drawers are now perfectly organised.

This means that, not only do I know where everything is, but my kids can quickly and easily grab their clothes each day.

For those who haven’t watched Marie Kondo, be sure to check our how she recommends you fold the clothes. This has been a game changer for me. I feel silly that it has taken me 33 years in life to learn to roll my clothes lol. See image below.

2. Create a checklist for your kids.

I find that kids respond well to a visual checklist. It also saves me from having to continually prompt them. My 12-year-old son actually developed this. We have put it up on our fridge and in the kid’s rooms.

My children also know that there are 4 things that they need each day.

          • Lunch Box
          • Drink Bottle
          • Hat
          • Homework

Implementing these checklists helps to have a hassle free morning and day … because I’m not having to respond to a phone call from school to tell me that the kids have forgotten their lunch.

3. All hands on deck when it comes to lunches

It’s really important to me that my children begin learning responsibility. I do this by delegating certain household chores. One of them is school lunches. Each evening, we all get involved and help to get the lunches together.

I guess the other point to be highlighted there is….getting it done in the evenings. It means that in the morning we aren’t stressing about the lunches.

4. Get organised with breakfast.

My kids certainly have their “go to” breakfast. But back in the day, it was an ongoing drama of running out of milk, bread, cereal or all of the above.

This is something that I now stock up on. In fact, I think I may have gone overboard. But I certainly prefer to have a few extra boxes of cereal in the cupboard then have to find an extra 15 minutes in the morning to go get milk.

I would love to hear your tips on how you get organised in the morning for school.

These above tips have converted our stressful mornings to effortless and enjoyable.

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