Are you ready for EOFY?


Are you fully prepared to do a stocktake? Use this checklist to help guide you through an effective stocktake.

Odometer Readings

There are several ways to ensure that you enter a correct odometer reading every time you submit an odometer reading

Review Deductions

Here is a quick list that might help boost your tax refund this year.

Business & Tax Obligations

As an employer, managing your tax obligations is an important part of your business.

Other items to consider and review

  • Depreciation Schedule of assets (new assets/sold assets/obsolete assets).
  • Bank Accounts – To be reconciled to June 30.
  • Accounts Receivable – Review for any bad debts to be written off.
  • Accounts Payable – Review for any items that have either been paid or are to be voided.
  • Copies of tax Invoices for any new capital purchase (items greater than $1,000).
  • Loan schedules for new vehicles and/or equipment purchases.
  • Details on home office usage.
  • Motor vehicle logbooks.
  • Personal usage on vehicles and other assets.
  • Copies of payment summaries.
  • Details on personal insurances (income protection).
  • Bank interest income details.
  • Personal superannuation contribution details.
  • Share trading/Dividend information.
  • Completed rental property schedule.

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