Are you fully prepared to do a stocktake? Use this checklist to help guide you through an effective stocktake.

  1. Plan before your stocktake: It can be hard to keep track of your inventory when doing a stocktake. It’s a good idea to plan a stocktake before you start this task. For example, make sure you have stocktake sheets ready to fill in and ensure your employees know what stock to count.
  2. Consider doing a stocktake outside business hours: Sometimes, doing a stocktake during business hours can dissatisfy your customers. Depending on your customers, it can be useful to do a stocktake outside business hours.
  3. Consider having a supervisor at each stocktake location: Doing a stocktake can be complicated. Having a dedicated supervisor at each stocktake location can help your employees complete this task successfully.
  4. Don’t do a stocktake too often: A stocktake can be costly, so it’s a good idea to only do it if it is helpful, like detecting theft or identifying what stock you need to order.
  5. Train and guide your employees: Make sure your employees know what to do and give them what they need to do the stocktake. Provide them with a stock recording sheet, pen, calculator and clipboard.
  6. Consider using casual employees: Consider giving casual employees extra hours to do the stocktake. This can let your other employees serve customers so that your business doesn’t miss opportunities to sell its goods and services.
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