Today our brokers and support staff spent the morning at Southport Sharks Event Centre getting the run down on all the latest lender policy changes and current promotions thanks to AFG (our aggregator). Fortunate for you, I have summarised the 3 hour presentation to my top 4:

  1. CBA advised that they can now lend up to 95% of the loan without genuine savings to those who have rented from a real estate for more than 3 months.
  2. As of Monday 13th February 2017, Westpac will be offering a $1,250 refinance rebate.
  3. Peppers Money have some fantastic offering for those ‘outside the box’ who may have credit impairment issues. Including people wanting to do low doc loans, those with tax debt, or those with defaults.
  4. I’m going to mention CBA again as they had quite a few exciting highlights including a policy that allows for ‘Property Share’. This allows for two borrowers to purchase the one property with two separate loans. This means that they will be able to pay down the loans separately and have two separate applications. However, the borrowers will still need to provide a guarantee for the other applicant.

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