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Tax return frequently asked questions

We have limited availabilities. However, you will still be able to chat with our accountants one-on-one either via email, phone or Teams – you choose!

You will still receive the same personalised service from Hannans and have a qualified accountant work with you to maximise your tax deductions.

If you have already processed your request for us to prepare your tax return, please forward all supporting information and documents to itr@hannans360.com.au with your name in the subject line. If you are still waiting on information, please be sure to let us know, to avoid any deductions being missed.

  • TFN
  • Bank accounts details
  • Employer needs to have finalised your payroll (via Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Interest statements
  • Information about other dividends
  • Other income
  • Details of deductions

Yes – of course! We do have our wonderful assistants that help to pre-check and make sure that we have your information (just like our wonderful admin people have done in the past). However, once this is done, they will forward your tax return to our accountant to liaise with you, make sure that all your information is correct and ensure we have maximised your deductions where possible.

Hannans will be processing on a FIBD (First In, Best Dressed) basis. So if you would like your return processed as soon as possible, best to process your request straight away.

The ATO does not commence processing tax returns until mid-July, as the pre-fill information may be inaccurate.

We commence preparation mid-July on a FIBD basis. We aim to have your return completed within 3 – 5 days from when we receive all your information.

When you register you will be asked to make payment to confirm. Tax returns will be processed on a first in, first served basis.

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Amex. 

It will cost more if you have:

  • excessive tax deductions
  • investment properties
  • capital gains, or
  • other complex tax matters.

Our accountant will advise you at the start of your tax consultation if the fee will be higher.

It will cost $55 + GST extra per rental property. 

The cost will be from $330 + GST per return if your information is summarised neatly and there are no additional sources of income. If you provide a shoebox full of receipts (!), it may cost more. Our accountants will provide a written proposal during the consultation.

Additional work needed will be charged at $330 + GST per hour. The total fee will depend on the total time required. Our accountants will provide a written proposal during the consultation.

We will be sending through a detailed checklist to assist you.

We prefer for you to hold onto the shoe box if this is your preferred method of filing. However, we are happy for you to forward through digital copies of your receipts and other tax information (be it scanned or photos).

We do, however, recommend that you ensure that you keep a copy of your tax information for 7 years in case of audit.

Yes, you can! Our job is to make your life easier! If you have already summarised your information, feel free to email through on itr@hannans360.com.au.

Otherwise, you can choose to use our worksheets.

Yes, we do! Click this link to access our worksheets. Otherwise, we will automatically send through to your email once you submit your request.

If we are your registered tax agents, you actually have until May 2023 to finalise your 2021-2022 tax return. So don’t stress about getting in during July – you have plenty of time!

There is a risk of lodging prior to mid-July. You need to ensure that all your information has been finalised by third parties including your employer, bank, and private health fund. If you lodge too soon, there is a risk your tax return will not be processed correctly. In any case, the ATO does not start processing tax returns until mid-July. So book now to ensure that your return is scheduled in.

Normally you will not have to process payment until March the following year.

The exact due date will be as per your Notice of Assessment.

The process has now changed. If you have a MyGov account, the ATO will automatically send your Notice of Assessment directly to you.

However, we are able to access this information. So should you not receive it, you can request from our team at itr@hannans360.com.au

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Note: All fees are inclusive of GST