Are you sick of not being the perfect weight, or not being where you want to be financially? Just feeling like you can never get “there”?

Good news, you are already “there”!

This is the exact conversation I had recently with my mindset coach.

I was explaining to Heath that I had all these goals, and try as I might, I felt that could never get there. I was feeling very frustrated at reaching for a goal that seemed more like a mirage or optical illusion. The journey just seemed so long and impossible.

“But Jacquie, you are already there!” Heath explained.

It took me about an hour of presenting my arguments in the great debate of “Jacquie is not yet there”, but after his counter arguments and the presentation of my rebuttal (who said I never learnt anything in Grade 7 debating?), it became apparent to me that entertaining the idea of being “there” wasn’t such a bad thing.

Flash forward days and weeks later and I can officially say that changing my mindset and reciting my daily affirmation – “I’m Perfect, I’m Whole, I’m Complete, and I’m Already There” – my whole world ha0s changed. I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel an increased sense of satisfaction and ability to be present in everything that I do because I am no longer stressing about the future and “getting there”. I’m no longer disappointed with myself for not hitting those 110 items on my bucket list. (Here’s the list for those that are curious: https://beforeim30dotcom.wordpress.com/.)

Don’t worry, I’m not about to kick up my heels and retire. My journey certainly hasn’t come to an end. (Hey, at 31, I’m only just getting started!) But the mindset change of “I’m there – everything else is just a bonus!” has provided me with more clarity and less stress, allowing me to get on with it (“it” being life).  In fact, I’m finding that I am now getting more done than ever before.

So my point is: Accept yourself and celebrate your strengths. Don’t stress about what you haven’t yet achieved and focus on what you have achieved. Don’t forget – you are awesome!

Here is a handy article that goes into more detail on self-acceptance:


This mindset has been a life changer for me and I hope it will be for you, too.