We were able to assist a client with an “out of the box” finance.

A client of ours approached us regarding the purchase of an off-road buggy that was to be used as a promotional vehicle for his business.

The top tier lenders did not want to come to the party and assist as the vehicle did not sit within their policy.

We were able to engage with 2nd tier lender who was willing to assist.

The client was still able to secure a low-interest rate and favourable loan terms, despite the off-road buggy not being your typical business purchase.

Aaron spent a lot of time speaking to various lenders and doing all the leg work for the client for no fee – as we are paid a commission from the lender.

We understand that cash flow is the heartbeat of your business. If you need assistance with finance or options to improve your cashflow – talk to Aaron & the team at Hannans.

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