I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with 3 x new clients all referred by our wonderful clients. 2 of them being the children of current clients.
It’s always a strange feeling when we chat with the children for the first time. Often we have been doing their tax returns for years already, but we’ve never had the pleasure of formally meeting.
In this case, one of the kids had a sizeable inheritance that they were rapidly spending and needed to invest it before it all disappeared. The other had a $124,000 tax bill and worried that the other accountant made an error 😱 costing them more in tax (a $50k mistake actually).
The strange (but cool) part is that, from the onset, we already have a solid and trusting relationship. I feel so fortunate that the “kids” (one being in their late 30s), feel that they’ve got a team that they can already trust and rely on …. that they don’t have the stress of finding someone to trust with their finances.
We are thoroughly looking forward to working with the next generation. And I hope that one day we will have the pleasure of working with many generations from the one family group.😊
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