The final edition of our Good News Story for Mr and Mrs Smith

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After working with Mr and Mrs Smith to build their first home and helping them to upgrade their car, it was now time to prepare a financial health check and make sure their house was in order (financial house, not their actual house).

When we put on our Financial Adviser hats, there are several things that we look to achieve with clients. Ultimately it is about optimising and building wealth for them. We do this by:

– Discussing your goals (this ranges from holidays, boats, new cars, retiring at 50, owning a Nandos, traveling first class….you name it)
– Once we know what your goals are, we can structure a plan to help you achieve them.
-We also work with our clients to build strategies to pay down their mortgage and other debt faster. (Did you know that your house will cost twice a much as what you paid due to interest? That means a $500k house will cost $500k in interest over 30 years!)
– Next on the list is creating wealth for retirement. (Usually means making sure your super is in order but there are also other vehicles we look at too)
– Ensuring that you have something in place to protect both yourself and your families in case of sickness, injury or death (You don’t want to work hard to build something, only to lose it all). For most people, this comes in the form of personal insurance, but some people are fortunate enough to be able to build a nest egg to self-insure.
– Lastly, we help to make sure that, should you die, your assets will go to the right person/s with limited dramas and fuss. This normally involves looking at your will and super beneficiaries.

Of all the things I do within the business, this has got to be the favourite parts of my job. Some clients I have been working with for several years and I have been a part of helping them travel to Europe, Buy a house, Pay down credit cards, Build an emergency savings fund, and the list goes on.

We are now in the midst of finalising the implementation of our advice for Mr and Mrs Smith. They can now breathe easier knowing that they have ticked all the boxes in their financial health check. I can’t wait to see what is next in store for this young couple and see what their next life goal is.

Did you know that there is no cost for a financial health check, or to chat about your goals? So there are no excuses for letting us help you (if we haven’t already).

Speaking of life goals, I’m now off for the week to enjoy a holiday with the family at the Whitsundays. I hope you also have an amazing weekend xx