Continuing from our good news story last week about Mr and Mrs Smith, we wanted to tell you more about their situation and how it just keeps getting better for them.

Part 1: https://hannansfinance.com.au/blog/good-news-story-25082017/

Throughout the build process, they both managed to secure a pay increase.

During our sit down, we again reviewed and updated their budget to factor their pay increase and new mortgage. We now had an updated uncommitted $$ amount.

Budget updated

Mrs Smith’s car was very old and in desperate need of an upgrade.

They asked whether or not they should consolidate within their home loan.

My advice was “depends, whilst it might be a lower interest rate, you may end up paying double the price for the car due to the interest over the 30 year period”.

After our discussion, we decided that a car loan would be the best option. We are now finalising the finance for her new wheels

Next week we will share more about the benefits of our One-Stop-Finance-Shop

We will share a story about how we have also been working with Mr and Mrs Smith to structure a plan for their retirement fund (despite being in their late 20s) so they will be retiring on $1,000,000 +