This year we have had two separate clients move on to other accountants …. or so we thought.

We were devasted earlier this year when two of our valued clients advised us that they had moved away and would look to wrap up their accounts with us at the end the year. They felt it made more sense to engage with a local accountant.

Of course, we were upset by the news, but acknowledged their circumstance and wished them all the best.

In the last few months, we have received calls from each client to say “we’ve changed our minds”.

To continue to deliver the same service they could rely on, we moved to a virtual/remote style format when preparing their BAS and tax returns.

They discovered that, despite not being able to drop into our office in person, we were still able to operate “business as usual”.

The last 12 months have seen Hannan’s embrace digital technology and implement various processes to assist our busy clients. These include:

  • Digital document signing – eliminating the need for printing and scanning of documents
  • Hannans Online – our free online accounting software for small businesses
  • Scheduled catch ups over the phone to review and discuss the accounts
  • Online booking via our website (for in-person, phone or Skype meetings)

We are very excited to see these clients rejoin the Hannans team and welcome them back with open arms.

It’s great that today’s technology allows for us to provide services all over Australia (and the world) seamlessly.