Meet some of the faces behind Hannans360°


Jacqueline Hannan

Head honcho

The dreamer and entrepreneur. Very proud mother of 3. Self confessed learn-a-holic, and work-a-holic (yet to confess).

Rachel van Duuren
Currently on leave

Accounting guru

Number cruncher. OCD. Happy bunny who LOVES chocolate cake. Quickest tax processor in the East (that’s our claim).

Emily Jones

Assistant Accountant in training

Unofficial ‘boss’ of the office. Twisties lover. Long time Broncos supporter.

Gina McElroy

Financial planning office manager

45+ years experience. Fitness obsessed. Loves spending time with family and friends.

Aaron Hannan

Home loan guy

Mr Observant. Sports fan and lover of the outdoors. Proud dad.

Gina Green

Number crunching expert

Bookkeeper extraordinaire. Eagle eye for detail. Proud mum of Ash and Belle.

Michael Bithell

Marketing + Communications

The tech guy. Walking trivial pursuit. Movie buff.

Colleen Eades

Financial Assistant

Loves music, singing & travelling. Married to her best friend for 44 years.

Kayla Bithell


Mum to two Great Danes and fifty house plants. 

Marie Ortquist


Ex tax inspector for the IRD in NZ back in the ’80s & ’90s and EA to an audit team in the ’00s

Nevada Matthews

Client Services Coordinator

Lover of food and martial arts. Proud dad to Rain(my little girl).

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