Meet some of the faces behind Hannans360°


Jacqueline Hannan

Head honcho

The dreamer and entrepreneur. Very proud mother of 3. Self confessed learn-a-holic, and work-a-holic (yet to confess).

Gina McElroy

Senior Accountant

45+ years experience. Fitness obsessed. Loves spending time with family and friends.

Michael Bithell

Marketing Assistant

The tech guy. Walking trivial pursuit. Movie buff.

Colleen Eades

Personal Assistant

Loves music, singing & travelling. Sewing, arts and craft.  Making memories with family.

Shaera Rosales


Loves making dried flowers and collecting scented candles. A mum to six cats

Ange Davies

Personal Assistant

Mother to her 3 doggos, lover of basketball, mountain biking and supporting small businesses

Marisa Daniel


Keen gardener and builder of beautiful tiny rock houses for her garden. Family is most important to her, including her pup, Ollie. 



Another tech guy who enjoys both IT and financials in equal measure. Enjoys sci-fi, video games and other geeky hobbies.