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Imagine having a team of financial experts that you can tap into at any time.

That’s exactly what a Hannans360° Membership can do for you!

Hannans members are assigned their own Money Manager to guide & support them. Their Money Manager also coordinates with other financial experts to help them achieve their financial goals.

We will assess your current financial health and devise an action plan to achieve your goals.

Once you are there, your Money Manager will help to keep you there!

What does the membership include?

Your own Money Manager
Standard individual tax return
Access to your Hannans Wealth Portal app PRO version
Ability to create and update your Will
Wealth optimisation session
Training & education

Wealth optimisation session

The Hannans360° team have structured a cost-effective way to help you access financial guidance.

What can you expect?

Assistance in setting up your Wealth Portal

Set you up for success with a budget that allows you to have your cake and eat it too!

Assist you in discovering your goals & developing an action plan to achieve them

Preparing a financial health check to highlight areas of attention & help you to optimise your wealth.

More details of what is included:

Your own Money Manager (valued at $330)

You will be assigned your own Money Manager who will be your point of contact for all financial queries and will help to coordinate between yourself and the financial expert help & support that you may require, whether it be our tax accountants, home loan experts, or financial advisers.

Our Money Managers are equipped with the knowledge and tools that they need to support you & facilitate the management of your finances. All Money Manager’s have a financial background and may be accountants, financial advisers, credit representatives or all of the above.

Standard individual tax return (valued at $149) (note that if you have a non-standard return including additional tax deductions or rental properties, you will pay the gap amount when we prepare your tax return). For e.g. If your return is $220, you will pay $71 as a once off amount when we prepare your return, otherwise, the balance of the services will be covered in Hannans membership.

Access to the Hannans Wealth Portal app PRO version (valued at $348)

In addition to the standard features, you will have access to the bank feed & auto-categorisation functionality, increased document storage, feed to RPData & Redbook, and much more.

Standard Will Creation (valued at $220)

You will have access to the Will creation service as part of the Hannans App.

Wealth optimisation session (valued at $330)

You will join your Money Manager for a 1-hour optimisation session to assist you with setting you up for financial success. See below for more details.

Training & Education (Valued at $330)

You will have FREE access to all our webinars & workshops as a Hannans member.

We host a range of workshops including budgeting, investing, using Excel, managing your super and much more.

Learning Hub (Valued at $150) (COMING SOON)

At Hannans, we understand that knowledge is power. We want to equip you with the financial literacy to empower you to make the best financial decisions.

The learning hub will give you access to a range of resources on various financial topics. Resources include webinar recordings, videos, blogs, eBooks, & more.

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