Why you'll love it!

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Tax time? Piece of cake!

With the ability to tag & filter transactions as tax items, upload receipts & documents or allow Hannans360° access to do it all for you.

Connect with your Money Manager

Work with your Hannans360° Money Manager to can manage your finances and stay in control.​

No more paperwork

Cut out paperwork. Forms are automatically completed for you where possible. Get sorted by uploading important documents (e.g. receipts, wills, contracts etc.) You can also view and manage all your insurance.​

All devices. All the time

Time is money and if there are decisions to be made you want to know your financial position in real time. Whether you are on desktop, tablet or smart phone, you’ll have access to your entire financial world whenever you need it, 24/7.

Manage your property

Send a request to your property manager to integrate your property & receive free benefits like property transactions, documents & receipts uploaded online. You’ll also have access to special commands to help manage your property effectively.​

Stay in control

Get sorted and be in control. Set & receive notifications, goals and use the calculator to stay on track to achieve your targets quickly. Your saving goals couldn’t get any easier as the goal calculator enables you watch your money grow.

Pricing options


My wealth portal ONLY

  • Tax wizard
  • Tax document storage
  • Manual manage your assets & liabilities
  • Initial online home valuation
  • Initial online motor vehicle valuation


My wealth portal ONLY

  • Starter features PLUS MORE
  • Create a standard Will
  • Access for your whole family
  • Bank feeds & auto categorisation
  • Much more ... (See the portal features doc for more info.)

Member (Single)

Hannans Annual Membership

  • PRO access to Wealth Portal
  • Your own Money manager
  • Standard individual tax return
  • Wealth optimisation session
  • Much more ... (See our services page for more details)

Tax Wizard training video

Jacqueline Hannan takes you through installing MyProsperity and using the tax wizard.

With the ability to tag & filter transactions as tax items, upload receipts & documents or allow Hannans360° access to do it all for you.

Wealth Portal

Most frequent questions and answers
The standard version is free.
All other prices are outlined on our website.

Bank Level Security
You can be confident that
your important information
is safe. We use the same
256-bit encryption and
physical security that banks
use to protect your private
details and our practices are
monitored and verified by
Verisign and supported by
McAfee Security

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Follow the 5 easy steps to link Hannans360 to your account.

Adding members to your MyProsperity team

If you are a Hannans360° client, you will be required to use the myProsperity app to securely sign and store your tax documents.

It’s your choice if you decide to use the other myProsperity features & benefits, however, we recommend that you take advantage of this awesome tool!

If you are having issues downloading the app or do not have a smart phone, myProsperity is also available online at https://myprosperity.com.au

Hannans360 is passionate about helping to deliver financial services from all angles.

The myProsperity wealth hub enables us to effectively assist and support our clients in managing their finances.

In addition to this, we use the app as a secure platform to sign and store tax documents for our clients.

No, it is covered in the same subscription. However, the Hannans membership for couples is more expensive than the single membership due to the other additional benefits including tax returns and training.

Your account will be set to private and you will need to share it with the Hannans360 team for us to view your details.

Kwidz is the children’s myProsperity app that is coming soon. Watch this space for more details.

You can choose which accounts to share with your partner.

If there is an account that you do not want your family member to see, you can simply choose not to share viewable access.

You can use myProsperity wealth portal on:

  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Computer
  • Tablet
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